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The Story of the


'The Story of the One-Legged Monster' tells the wanderings of a little monster, his meetings with the man that had thought everything through, the crab that could breathe in the dark, and a woman who's world was full of balloons.


The Story of the One-Legged Monster



My Life
In Small


My Life in Small Change

In Juy 2013 I bought a one way ticket to Brazil. A month later I'd broken my mandolin rock climbing. By September I'd made it to Bolivia and was buying a violin from a church organist.

'My Life in Small Change' tells the stories from a year spent busking around South America interspersed with fictional short stories collected from and inspired by South America.

For excerpts from either 'The Story of the One-Legged Monster' or 'My Life in Small Change' please get in touch.


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